January 17th, 2007

P.S. She's 16.

I have been suffering from terrible migraines.
Which means that I force myself to hurl to feel better, and I hang out in my room with the lights off and the shades drawn. Which is astounding because I usually have the lights on all the time.
Not that I am afraid of the dark so much as I am afraid of what I can not accurately see. I have a great imagination when it comes to making up slightly deformed monsters.
When I am not in migraine monster mode I sleep for approximately 13 hours a day.
I only want to listen to Fergie and the song Wind It Up.
And I have fallen in love with Mos Def. I mean come on, how can you not dig the way his little facial hair does not really connect all the way through.
I am being pestered by unattractive men (not boys at all!) on myspace.
And I quit my job. Which means I have to now find two jobs.
But I have not left the house in days!
Nor have I changed.
But I have showered.
Just not, wash my hair...
I have been practicing shooting my Nerf gun. And I am getting pretty good with aiming.
I think that I may be going through a midlife crisis.
Or that I am emo...
I do not know which is which.
And the book that I have left to read, Lucky us bullshit. I know it is her memoir about being raped, I just can not get into it. And I have to finish it so that I can get rid of it.